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Best Kid's Party Themes

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

At Rokabye we know how to party! We host many kid's parties across our two venues and with multiple themes on offer, we have some of the most popular kid's party themes to choose from. Here are 5 of our favourites:

Fairy parties are certainly more popular with girls but boys can have fun too. A great way to make sure all of the kids feel included is to create pirate or pixie themed alternatives to party games. You could even host a fairy and superhero party! Think Peter Pan or wings and capes! At Rokabye we use grassy, leafy green decorations with pink and purple flowers. And don't forget the fairy dust!

Rainbow parties at Rokabye are super popular! This is a great theme for both boys and girls and there are so many fun colourful games and decorations.

We love the rainbow balloon arch at Rokabye Brighton and the rainbow wall at Highett! Watch out for those naughty leprechauns that have stolen the gold from the end of the rainbow and hidden it from all of the children!

Rokabye pamper parties are popular with girls and lots of fun if the kids love to get their pamper on! We wear cute comfy robes to keep us cosy (and our outfits clean!) Think nail painting, glitter hair and cute face paint designs. Or if the kids are a little bit older maybe some hair braiding and fun make up themed party games will make the party a success.

Of course these parties are decorated with lots of pink and all things girly.

The best kind of party for kids that love to dance! Boys and girls of all ages love to disco. High energy dancing games and popular kids music is the key to a winning disco party.

Rokabye disco parties are decorated with flashing lights, disco balls and glow sticks. You might catch the kids having a dancing competition or doing the limbo.

You can't go past a magic show theme for a party if you want the kids to leave in awe! Magic tricks never get old! They are just as amazing for the little ones as they are for the older kids.

The magicians at Rokabye perform all sorts of magic tricks and balloon twisting is also a favourite.

Make sure you have plenty of popcorn for during the show and magic wands as take home gifts and you have yourself a magic show!

For more pictures and ideas of fun kids party themes you can follow our instagram or to book a Rokabye Children's Party head to our website

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