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Rokabye Fairy Parties

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Take a look at the fairy themed parties that we offer at Rokabye and see what the Rokabye Fairies get up to.

For all fairy party enquiries head to our website

or contact us at

Rokabye Garden Party Room

The party room at Highett is perfect for a fairy themed party.

It has a magical fairy tree with twinkling lights, mushroom chairs and a sparkly rainbow wall. The green grass and flower ceiling are the ideal setting for a fairy party.

Rokabye Highett

529 Highett Rd

Highett VIC

Ph 03 9555 7722

Rokabye Tea Party Room

The party room at Brighton is also a fabulous setting for a fairy themed party.

The big flower framed windows let in lots of natural light and the green grass and flower ceiling match our theme wonderfully.

Rokabye Brighton

353 Bay St

Brighton VIC

Ph 03 9596 0455

Fairy themed craft parties are a fun way to celebrate a little person's special day! We especially like making our very own fairy wands.

You might find the Rokabye Fairies visiting your local school, family event or fundraiser helping out with face painting and playing with the kids.

You will find yummy party food in our parties such as popcorn and fairy bread and the most delicious fairy cupcakes for singing Happy Birthday made by our amazing cake maker The Icing Artist.

Look out for the magic fairy water in parties too. It changes colour!

Don’t forget to visit our online shop or pop into stores for the perfect fairy dress, tutu or birthday gift for children of all ages. You can even purchase fairy themed party bags for your own fairy themed event.

To book a fairy party of your own or for more information email us at or visit our website at

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