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Children's Party Packages

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Rokabye Children's Boutique and Party Venues offer some of the best children's parties in Melbourne. Located in the Bayside suburbs of Highett and Brighton there is a children's party package to suit kids of all ages.

Here are some of our most popular packages:

(Drop Off /3-8 years)

50 max capacity

This package is designed for boys and girls that love to dress up, play games, have a dance and loads of fun!


-90 minute themed party host. Your host will tailor your party to suit the ages and gender of the children. 

-Themed music, stories, games and prizes for the children. 

-Themed invitations.

-Themed decorations.

Themed party food such as popcorn, chips, fairy bread

and water.

-One themed cupcake per child.

-Themed party bag and balloon on a stick for each child.

(Parent Involvement)

70 Max capacity

Our toddler package is built to suit younger children and their parents.


-90 minute themed party host. Your host will play stories and games to suit the ages of the children.

-Face painter/additional host

-Themed decorations.

Themed party food such as popcorn, chips, fairy bread

and water for the children.

Adult sandwich platter,fruit platter

(Drop Off/9 years and older)

70 max capacity

This package is tailored and designed to suit older children that may have more specific party requests.


-90 min Themed party host 

-Themed, age appropriate music, games and prizes for the children.

-Themed invites and decorations.

-Popcorn, chips, cordial or water.

-3 x big kid options to include with package (view here)

For more Rokabye Party Packages you can visit our website or follow us on facebook and Instagram

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